Workouts for 9/26 Week

CFE workouts for this week (9.25.2016):

Workout 1 –
2 x 200 meters hill sprints, with a slow jog descent*

-Fully Recover-

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes:
Run 400 Meters

-Fully Recover-
2 Rounds For time:
200 meter hill sprints*
25 air Squats at the top
200 meter hill descent

* If done on the rower, the hill sprints can be replaced with 200 meter all out on a rower, followed by 100 meters easy to replace the descents.

Workout 2 –
Warmup sufficiently, then

5 minutes for max distance

-Fully recover-

For max distance work the following sets:
4 minutes on, 2 minutes off
1 minute on

-Fully recover-

For max distance work the following sets:
2:30 minutes on, 2 minutes off
1:30 minutes on 1 minutes off
1 minute on, Done!

* In this workout you have 3 all out working sets of 5 total minutes. Don’t go easy on the first 5 minutes; set a high mark to try and repeat. Use this to see how your body responds/recovers during these sets. Ideally, even though you are getting tired in the later sets, you should be able to cover more distance in these sets. If you fall apart in the later sets, do more endurance training.

Workout 3 (if you are training for a race, do Option 1, otherwise you could choose Option 2) –

Option 1 (Run/Row):
2 x 4 mile time trials (perform 1 x 4 miles in the morning and 1 x 4 miles in the late afternoon/evening, wait at least 3 hours between efforts).

Option 2:
Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:
5 Burpees
100 Meter Sprint

*Scale burpees if necessary. You should have at least 15 seconds rest in the early rounds. I understand this will fall off, but hang in there for the full 15 rounds if you can.

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