Week of 10/16

CFE workouts for this week (10.16.2016):

Please note that I will not be able to make it to Cardozo this week Monday because I will be traveling.

Workout 1–

1.5 mile time trial
-Fully Recover- Then,
2 x 800 meters easy (as an extension of your recovery), with about 1 minute walking between the 800s
– Be sure to adequately warm up before the 1.5 mile time trial. I suggest running a few 400s at a moderate to progressively harder pace across warmup sets. The goal is to get your heart rate up before attacking the time trial. Then spend time doing some dynamic stretching.

Workout 2 (find a partner to do this with) –

For 20 Minutes perform AMRAP of the following:
Partner 1 runs/rows 400 meters
Partner 2 performs 12 burpees and then rests until partner 1 finishes
Then Switch

– Continue alternating movements/rest for 20 minutes. It’s better to do this with a partner to push each other to get as many rounds as possible. But if performing this alone, first do 400 meters, then perform 12 burpees, then rest 1 minute before hopping back on the 400 meters. Also note that if one partner is running substantially faster 400’s, then the other partner should lower the number of burpees you are doing between runs. You should be getting about 1 minute rest between runs.

Workout 3 (Everyone can do the following) –

For time:
75 calorie row (or Run 1 Mile)
75 thrusters (45#)
-Rest 4 Minutes-
75 calorie row (or Run 1 Mile)
75 wall balls

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