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Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Great work to all foundation trainees on Tuesday night!  In terms of scheduling for tonight- Ryan had to leave last minute for the weekend.  I would like you all to attend either the 6:15pm or 7:15pm classes this evening.  I would rather keep the foundations classes consistent (with same instructor) and prefer for you to resume back on track next tuesday.  Please contact me directly via email if you have any questions or concerns.

Nice work Jenny (finishing off her medicine ball thruster)!

WOD for Thursday:

Bent-Over Rows


Strength Grid 5 sets (scale as needed)- rest as needed in between sets

Tabata Runs (16 rounds)- 20 seconds of work; 10 seconds recovery

We will be doing these in the alley.  It will take 8 minutes.  Your objective is to cover as much distance as possible over the course of this time.

ANKLE MOBILITY: The Importance of Ankle Mobility

We asked Lauren, our physical therapist, for advice on ankle mobility and its relevance to crossfit:

Q: What’s the importance of ankle mobility?

R: Lack of ankle mobility will have a direct impact on the knee.  The same bones that create the knee joint, create the ankle joint.  If you can’t get enough ankle dorsiflexion (used in squatting), then your mechanics will compensate at your hip and lower back in order to compensate for the lack of ankle mobility.  Subsequently, this will create unnecessary strain at the joints and poor efficiency in weightlifting, which can limit your progress.

Q: How would you access this? A quick rule of thumb, stand with your toes facing the wall, and bend at ankle to the point at which your knee hits wall in front of you.  If you are unable to keep your heel down and let your knee touch the wall, then you don’t have the appropriate ankle mobility with regards to deep squatting and lunging.

Q: What exercises/ankle mobility drills would you recommend?

1.) Resistance Band Lunges:

Using a resistance band around ankle and keeping foot flat throughout the movement, lunge till your knee approaches your toes (do not come any further).  If you feel any pain in your knee, modify this range of motion.  (Your hips should be in line with knee at all times)

2.) Foam rolling (in calves)- Provide pressure using your bodyweight to the area where you experience tightness.  This is recommended 5-10 minutes prior to and after exercise.

3.) Wall Squats (Please refer to below pictures):

 Set up- feet hip width apart, hands in line with shoulders with palms flat, extension in back, tight core.

As you descend keep hands in place.

Stop where knee hits front of foot. (Any discomfort in knees modify).

 Come up to the balls of your feet.

Repeat 10 times.

For any further questions or advice contact Lauren at: Lauren@balancegym.com

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Two is better than one when it comes to pulling 4 tons!

Whether you are training for a marathon, for the upcoming rugby season, or soccer season, crossfitting at CrossFit Balance will provide sport specific tools in training.  CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” 

Cheers to “Chicken” and Ben for pulling the 4 Ton Vehicle on Monday!  As rugby players, they will benefit largely from car pulls and tire flips!  As for trainees at CrossFit Balance working to increase their general level of fitness- tire flips/car pulls are both functional movements and fun ways to train!

WOD for Wednesday:  



3 rounds:

Tire flips (45 seconds)

15 second rest

Push-ups (45 seconds)

15 second rest

Tire flipping also involves strength, flexibility, power, speed, endurance (depending on number of reps).  [10 Physical Skills of CrossFit: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.]  Please read below link!

Helpful Tips and Techniques on Tire Flipping

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Paleo Diet Challenge is coming up!  Please keep up with reviewing materials on the blog to familiarize yourself with the Paleo Diet.

WOD for Tuesday:



AMRAP for 10 minutes:

10 Thrusters (95/65lbs)

Row 250m

Post weight and rounds to comments.

Great work to everyone who did “Helen” on Monday.  This is a benchmark WOD and good testing point and WOD to see your progress.  Please try to make this up and speak with one of the Coaches.

For the foundation graduates, trainees who have been CrossFitting, or trainees in foundations, you either know or you are learning the importance of nutrition in reaching your goals.  We will be having a Paleo Challenge in February (more details soon).  Between now and then, I will be posting articles and videos for you to familiarize yourself to the diet.  Please email or ask Coaches for questions concerning the diet.  Today’s video is about foods to avoid and the below article provides some substitutes. 

Primal Substitutes for Non-Primal Foods


Monday, January 18, 2010

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Balance in the Community- At the NBC Health and Fitness Expo!

Jimmy Bathurst-Beastskills and Kori Kamradt-Director of Communications/Girlfriend work on fine tuning Jimmy’s Handstand Push-ups.

Balance in the News- Functional Training Exercises

WOD for Monday: 3 rounds for time:


400 m run

21 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 pood- 55lb dumbbell swing/1 pood)

12 Pull-ups

Practice skill of choice. (Double-unders, handstand push-ups/holds, L-sits, etc.)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Sign up for Foundations Tues/Thurs 12pm starting January 30th.  Contact Danielle at Danielle@balancegym.com for more details.

Jed in Ben’s CrossFit Sports Power class.  Check out blog under CrossFit Sports Power (Program’s link).  Classes are Mon/Wed 7:30pm.

WOD for Saturday:

Blair Morrison’s Trans-Continental Challenge:

Push-ups, Air Squats, Burpees


400 m run

Push-ups, Air Squats, Burpees


400 m run

Push-ups, Air Squats, Burpees


400 m run

Push-ups, Air Squats, Burpees


400 m run

Push-ups, Air Squats, Burpees



Free Intro Class

Free Intro Classes Thursdays at Noon & 7pm and Saturdays at 11am.

Reserve a spot here!

CrossFit Foundations

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