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Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Lauren Twohig- Was a Captain on the United States Marine Corps and currently works as a Senior Associate at the American Red Cross, focusing on Emergency Management.  She is heading down to Hati on Wednesday for three weeks.  We will miss her energy that she contributes during her Crossfit workouts and amazing food dishes (that she has provided at barbeques).  Have a safe trip and get back safely!

WOD for Thursday:



Complete for time:

1000m Row

6 Deadlifts (225/185lbs)

750m Row

9 Deadlifts

500m Row

12 Deadlifts

250m Row

15 Deadlifts

Post time to comments.

Announcements: TRY-OUTS for Affiliate Team THIS SATURDAY (Workout #1 at 9am, Workout #2 at 11am, Workout #3 will be held on Monday) *Details will be on Friday’s Blog posting*

Read below details:

The Affiliate competition will be held during our Regionals May 7-9 in Logan, Ohio.  Individuals who just qualified for Sectionals will be competing Sat-Sun, but we also need at least 4 athletes to compete on our Affiliate team, which will take place Fri & Sun. 

Rules (Game site Affiliate Cup post):

At the Regional level, an Affiliate Team must consist of a minimum of four to a maximum of six athletes. The team needs to have a minimum of two men and two women. All members of the team must actively train at the same facility, which does not have to be an official CrossFit affiliate gym.

At the Regional level, all the workouts will be conducted as team workouts with teams of four. Two men and two women will be competing at one time as a team. This will allow team captains or coaches to substitute members prior to an event based on team members’ individual strengths and weaknesses.

There is only one team permitted per gym. We recommend having tryouts and competitions within your affiliate to determine your team of four to six athletes. But that is just a recommendation. The team itself qualifies, which means teams that qualify for the Games can make changes to their roster between the Regionals and the Games.

For teams that qualify for the Games, the rules will be slightly different. One key difference is that all teams must send six athletes, three men and three women, to Aromas. A non-participating coach is still optional.

An equal number of team spots and individual spots are allocated to each Regional. For example, if your Regional allocation for individual spots is 4 men and 4 women, there are 8 team spots allocated. Last year’s champs, Northwest CrossFit, are prequalified and invited to the Games in Aromas, July 16-18.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Allison Jetton- welcome to CF Balance!

WOD for Wednesday:

Interval Runs

2X3 minute runs (2 minute rest)

4X 1 minute runs (1 minute rest)

5X 30 second runs (30 second rest)


Complete for time:



Ab Mat Sit-ups

10 Running Technique Tips: (acquired from “Motion Control”)

  1. Keep your chin up while running; do not look down at your feet.
  2. Keep your abs tight.
  3. Keep your upper body relaxed and quiet with minimal side-to-side movement while you run.
  4. Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and swing your arms back and forth with your hands passing pocket level.
  5. Keep your chest up high and your shoulders back. This will help you breathe properly while running.
  6. Keep your hips aligned with each other at all times. Your hips must form a straight line from left to right as you run. Try not to drop your hips as you go through the gait cycle. If you tend to drop your hips, you need to strengthen your adductors, that is, the muscles on the outside of your hips.
  7. Land on the balls of your feet (forefoot or midfoot) instead of your heels.
  8. Do not straighten your front leg as you land on your front leg. Your knee must be bent and your foot must be pointing slightly downwards and not flexed towards the sky.
  9. Lift the back leg with your hamstrings and bring it as high as possible to your butt. Then let gravity take over and let it drop.
  10. Lean slightly forward when running. Do not lean forward or backward too much while running. There must an imaginary straight line running from your head down through your center of gravity to your hips and legs.

 Track Distances and Pacing Chart– Approximate comparable paces from 400 m, 5K, etc.

Stressing the Importance of Goal Setting:

I recently received an email from a CF Balance Trainee, which impressed me and reminded me to reiterate the importance of goal setting.  At this juncture, many of you have been Crossfitting for several months, and have had vast opportunities to assess your strengths/weaknesses.  For those of you who haven’t thought much beyond just showing up to the daily WODs, this may be the time for you to reflect and create a plan of attack.  Before getting more specific with your Crossfit/fitness goals consider the following questions:

1.) Why do I do Crossfit (lose weight, improve fitness, supplement sport training, mental health, daily victory of overcoming a challenge)? And if so, how often am I doing workouts? (If you want results and have been gradually getting accustomed to the volume- 1 or 2 workouts most likely is insufficient)

2.) If you are striving for 3-5 days and not making it…Why?  Consider schedule adjustments (coming to morning classes if always tired or work commitments in evenings, perhaps committing initially to doing workouts at adjacent facility when you can not make a class, or coordinating missed workouts with a buddy at the gym)

3.) Are you seeking changes in body composition?  If so, have you made adjustments to your diet?  If not, why? (CONTACT A COACH IF YOU ARE AT A LOSS)

Examples of more specific goals: (example- Allison Jettson’s goals- pictured above)

 Building upper body strength for anything involving a push, pull, or press, especially those that are strength/body weight ratio dependent (e.g., pushups, handstand pushups, pull ups, rope climbs, dips, muscle ups, press, bench press, etc.)… Getting to the point where I can do all the workouts as prescribed would be huge.

 Supporting muscles, especially lower back and wrists. I think I could lift heavier easily if I was stronger there. No idea how to do that, I just know my legs and core really haven’t been sore yet because of these currently limiting factors.

Cardio capacity—my heart rate is pretty high whether it’s sprints or endurance work. I don’t think I’m the fastest or slowest in any of your classes, but I’m guessing consistency in coming to class will mostly take care of this.

A fourth tier of things to think about might include technique tweaks (lifting, rowing, stringing together kipping pull ups, and minimizing time for transitions) and learning to snatch. I don’t think I’ll have problems with the snatch, I just haven’t learned it yet.  The technique tweaks I hope would make me better at what I’m already doing.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Tomar doing some reverse double-unders!  Tomar currently trains at CF Balance in the evenings to supplement her current rugby season.  She plays on Northern Virginia Rugby Club. 

WOD for Tuesday:

Bent-over Rows


AMRAP for 15 minutes:

12 Box Jumps (24/20”)

 8 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP)- 95/65lbs

-Compliments of VA Sectionals


Our next foundation courses will begin on April 20th.  For those interested in starting sooner, please contact Danielle at danielle@balancegym.com to coordinate private coaching sessions.

We just added Mon/Wed 6:15am class taught by Ryan.  Hope to see some of you this Wednesday morning!


Monday, April 5, 2010

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Last week’s 2K row.  Lynn (pictured far right) had a 30 second PR!  Beyond his success on increased performances in workouts he states, “I’ve dropped almost 20 pounds in body weight, increased my strength and fitness. I feel much more healthy, have more energy and have more confidence in all aspects of my life.”  Keep up the great focus and work Lynn!

WOD for Monday:



Complete 5 rounds for time:

5 Thrusters (135/95lbs)

10 Burpees


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