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(1)TRYa Free Beginner’s Workout

Come to our weekly Free Beginner’s Workouts. No prior experience is required. All workouts can be scaled to accommodate your needs.

Class meets every Thursday at 12pm and 7pm and Saturday 11:00 a.m.

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(2) ENROLL in Foundations

Foundations classes are for individuals seeking to enter our ongoing group classes. They are designed to introduce the technique and mechanics of CrossFit’s nine basic movements and other secondary movements, then intensity. Perfect for those who are hesitant about the movements, desire more attention and time to review, or are unsure of where to begin. There will be a workout at the end of each day, which will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.

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(3) JOIN CrossFit Balance

Membership options include month-to-month memberships, annual contracts, class packs and drop-ins.

Choose this option if you have completed Foundations.

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(4) TRAIN with a  CrossFit Balance Coach

 This is an opportunity to fine-tune your program or get more attention on problematic areas. We will work will you to create personalized goals, track your progress, and hold you accountable. To schedule personal coaching sessions or to inquire about pricing, contact a preferred CrossFit Coach.

1-on-1 Personal Coaching

  • Sessions range from $80-$100/session

Semi-Private Coaching (2-5 participants; price is per person)

  • Sessions range from $40-60 per person

40-minute Express Session

  • Sessions Range from $60-$75/session

Balance Gym and CrossFit Balance members receive 10% discount on Personal Coaching sessions.

Free Intro Class

Free Intro Classes Thursdays at Noon & 7pm and Saturdays at 11am.

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CrossFit Foundations

E-mail Danielle at for pre-registration and availability. Purchasing online will not guarantee you a spot until you are confirmed.

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