Rob Howe

Rob HoweRob has been involved in sports since he was 4 years old, starting off in dance and gymnastics lessons, finally switching over to ice hockey. Over the course of 20 years, Rob has played sports? all over the world, trained under a variety of coaches and experienced a number of different training methods.

Rob got into CrossFit in a roundabout way. After becoming a power-lifter during college, squatting nearly 650 lbs., he realized he couldn’t do a pull-up or run a mile. At that point, Rob decided that it was important to focus on “true” fitness, changing his training regime to more high intensity, functional movement circuits. He soon started incorporating some of the main site WOD’s into his training and later switched over to the much higher volume SealFit training. This is when Rob fell in love with CrossFit, figured out how to do a pull-up, and became the great fit he was looking for.

Last summer, Rob moved to Colorado in order to pursue some personal goals in his life. While there, he became a member of CrossFit Venture and became a staple of their gym, learning many of the fundamental concepts of CrossFit first hand. He focused primarily on becoming a better athlete and strengthening his weaknesses, but also got his first chance at helping others progress as athletes.

Fitness and working out has always been a huge part of Rob’s life. Helping others progress in their fitness goals and stay safe has always been a passion of his, he loves seeing members reach their potential and become valued members of the Balance community.

Rob’s favorite part of CrossFit is the constant variance and the fun, but competitive atmosphere that fosters a strong tight knit community. Rob loves competing in team CrossFit competitions and helping others do things they never thought they’d be able to do.

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