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Megan Davey comes to us with a diverse athletic background.  As a child, Megan competed in dance from the age of 4-14.  As a freshman in high school, Megan joined the Varsity Cheerleading squad and signed up for a weight lifting class where she quickly found her calling in life.  “I bet you can’t lift that weight” was something you didn’t want to say to her.  If you did, she would prove you wrong!  Over the course of 2 years, Megan set and broke multiple records within the International Powerlifting Association (IPA) run by the owners of York Barbell.  To date, Megan holds 3 records (Bench Press, Back Squat, & Total) in the Teen 16-17 year old, 123 Lbs. weight class with the lifts of; 140 lbs. bench press, 250 lbs. deadlift, and 250 lbs. back squat (640 lbs. total).   After high school, Megan opted to lift girls instead of weights by becoming a member of the University of Maryland All-Girl Cheerleading Squad from 2000-2004.  Megan first began CrossFit in the summer of 2011 and knew that she had found her next goal – to coach CrossFit.  Seeing as she was basically a CrossFit Kid before CrossFit was even CrossFit, Megan also now Coaches our Balance CrossFit Kids & Steve’s Club programs.

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