PJ Kellogg

Tennessee raised and Beltway-saved, PJ moved to the DMV in 2011 to begin what he thought was to be apj lifelong career with the Secret Service after his 6 year contract with the Marines was up. Deploying twice to Iraq as an infantryman in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, PJ has never experienced to this day the emotion of “fear” nor can he grasp the logic of it. PJ began Crossfitting in 2009 and has had the desire to learn more about the sport everyday. After becoming a Crossfit Coach, his desire to coach and help others become the freak of nature their inner selves desire, resigned from the Secret Service to return to college and earn a degree in Health Sciences. He is going to be a Physical Therapist. Nothing makes him happier than knowing he’s responsible for your next PR. “It is my personal goal and my promise to always leave you in the best possible position for success. Every time you walk into the gym, do whatever it takes to suck less tomorrow.”


CrossFit Level 1
Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Certified Coach
Pre-Physical Therapy Student at Marymount University
Doughnut Connoisseur Extraordinaire, Level 1 

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