Who We Are

cffb-logo-clearCrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom is located in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel. We have over 2400 square feet of dedicated CrossFit workout space with high ceilings. There are also additional general gym areas available to CrossFit members, including an athletic training area with dumbbells, benches, and free weights; a cardio and machine area; a pool, whirlpool, sauna, and showers; plus two additional open studios that will run various classes.

Pushing the Envelope

Our philosophy is to do the common uncommonly well. At CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom, we want you to move well in not only your daily life (pain free) but also when you are pushing yourself to your limits (performance). We challenge and improve our athletes through a mixture of many different things – including gymnastics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, mobility, and intense conditioning.

Wondering about our training philosophy? Please read this blog post.

Now, meet the coaches who will help you find your limits, and then push past them – Your Coaches