Saturday, July 26th 2014

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  • September 13-14 – Power Athlete Team Series, 2014! –This will NOT disappoint.  Teams of 2 men and 2 women will combine forces in Baltimore, MD for a Crossfit Football Total in addition to other events over the course of two days.  Sign up now!  More information here –  There will be an Rx and a Scaled division.—–

Warm Up/Mobility – Court Drills, Dead bugs & PVC Snatch technique

Strength – Snatches!  It’s Max out day.  Get your game face on for 10/10 effort.  Take plenty of rest between max attempts.

  • Snatch from high hang x 1-2
  • Snatch from knee x 1-2
  • Snatch from floor x 1-2

Conditioning – Outside!  12:00 AMRAP

Partner Up! Teams of 2 or 3

  • Med Ball Run Perimeter of the field (14-20 lbs)
    • Med Ball must be carried during the run by one athlete.  Switch off as needed but drop the ball and each athlete has to stop and do a 5 burpee penalty before continuing.
  • 20 Partner Wall Balls (30 for a team of 3)Partners will stand ~10 feet apart.   Partner one will perform a full squat and then arc the ball to partner 2 (aim for wall ball height).  Partner 2 will catch, perform a squat, and toss it back to partner one.  Each “wall ball” is a rep so each partner will perform 10 reps each round.  Teams of 3 will perform 30 reps.  Partner 1 tosses to Partner 2.  Partner 2 tosses to Partner 3.  Partner 3 tosses to Partner 1 and we start all over again. 

Post Snatch Weights and rounds to comments!

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  • Rebecca


    70# for the snatch balance… goal was 60#!


    • CrossFit Foggy Bottom


      Rock and roll! Nice work!


  • Antwone


    good job becca


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