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JULY 10, 2017

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

WOD for Monday 

Be sure to download the sugarwod.com app and join! You will receive a notification of the daily workout! We are in the midst of changing our website platform and as we are in the process of this our regular blog postings may be affected! Be sure to use sugarwod.com if you must see the daily workout ahead of time! Until everyone is on board, we will also continue to share on our Facebook page/private group. 


4 sets for quality:
10 Strict Ring Dips
10 Parallett Push-Ups (Feet on top of a box)
10 T2B
rest 2 min

*Reps can be broken up.
*Perform with good quality
*add reps if 10 is easy to perform unbroken.


For time:

30 D-Ball Ground over Shoulder 100/80

JULY 3, 2017

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

WOD for Monday 

Today: We are running a normal class schedule.

Tomorrow: Start your 4th of July celebration with a special HERO WOD at 10am or 11am.


5 Super Sets of:

6 Ring Dips *3 sec pause in bottom position

6 each leg Bulgarian Split Squat

6 each arm DB/KB Row 

6 Strict T2B