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Friday, March 8th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

hang_in_there_babyWE HAVE PULL-UP BARS!!!

Workout of the Day

Quad roll with foam roller – prone on ground – 1min/side
Shoulder/Upper Chest roll with lacrosse ball – against wall – 1min/side

No test/retest for this. Just loosen up the worked muscles.


Racks by the side. Set the deadlift bars up perpendicular to the chin-ups bar to make room for all the boxes. Two rows of bars.

Deadlifts – 3×5 work sets at 5-10 lbs heavier than last Friday. If you weren’t here, then hit 70%. If you don’t know 70%, then heavy weight with good form.

After several warm-up sets of deadlifts, start going through sets of handstand pushups and chin-ups. So you’ll deadlift, then HSPU, then chin. Rinse and repeat.

Handstand Pushup Work – 5×5 – At CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom, we go all the way. You have the following options.
Lvl 1 – Pushup variation (knees or feet)
Lvl 2 – Divebomber pushups (start in down dog, dive chest to the ground)
Lvl 3 – Hands on Rogue boxes, feet on rogue box – this will allow full range of motion handstand pushups
Lvl 4 (!) – Hands on Rogue boxes, feet on wall – like in the same position as chest to wall handstands from yesterday. Walk the feet up and down the wall as you do the pushup. Do not try this variation until at least the second round. Stay safe. Check your ego or I will check it for you.

Chin-up work – Let me show you Franco Columbu.

francocolumbuSee that his chest is up, knees are back? Be like Franco.
Lvl 1 – Stand on box, jumping chin-ups – 5×3
Lvl 2 – Stand on box, jump up and glue chest to bar, lower down slowly to a 10 second count – 5×1
Lvl 3 – Chin-ups, be like Franco, chest to bar – 5×5


Partner Up! Grab one medicine ball between the two of you. Have your training log out to record your sprints directly after you finish them.

Medicine Ball Cleans – 10 at a time. You and your partner will complete 100 cleans total (50 per person) between the two of you.

Long Court Sprints – While one partner is cleaning, the other is sprinting. Record number of sprints each time you’re running. One floor length = one sprint.

Once a partner has completed 10 cleans, then switch runner/cleaner positions. If we have odd number of people, then in our threesome team, two people will clean/run side by side and switch off with their third person.

Yell “TIME” when you are done. Post time for the team and total number of sprints for each person to the comments section, so we can see who was sandbagging the sprint work.

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Good morning and good day CrossFitters! One guess on which movement we’ll be working today!

Workout of the Day

Mobility – Same as Monday, Test/retest appropriate movement, 1min/side

Foam roller on calves
Foam roller on adductors on box (flip box to short height)
Lax ball, inner edge of shoulder blades
Band horizontal adduction

Skill work

Handstand Prep! (I know, finally!) – about 5-10 minutes time spent on this. Shoulders should feel warmed up by the end, but nowhere near exhausted, so rest as needed during the practice time. Each hold should be short and sweet – 10-15 seconds max. Get your hips over your head in some capacity. Get your arms to cover your ears.

Lvl 1 – Down dog hold
Lvl 2 – Down dog hold with feet on box
Lvl 3 – Chest to wall handstand. No balancing now, just holds.

Kendrick_Farris_Power PositionFront Squat – 2×5 – bar only

Hang Power Clean, then take it down to Front Squat – 10×3 total reps. We are looking for good, fast technique here, so 60% max. If it ain’t fast and classy, then take 10% off the bar.

The picture above of Kendrick Farris shows him in an excellent power position. Weight is on the heels, knees bent slightly, bar in close to hips, torso upright, shoulders squeezed tight. You will start in the position you see on the left.

Explode straight upwards, and catch the bar in the position shown on the right. STOP the downward descent of the bar in this high squat position. Weight should be on the heels, hips back slightly, elbows up. After you catch and stop the bar, then just front squat the weight down for good practice.

Optional geeky reading on the subject.

After all 10 sets of the clean…

Band Pull Aparts – choose red or blue – 3×10 reps

Lvl 1 – grab one half of the band
Lvl 2 – grab both parts of the band

Choke your hands inwards as needed to increase difficulty. Rest 30sec-1min between sets.


6 min AMRAP

Pushups – pick appropriate difficulty – from knees, from feet, or explosive – x10
Tuck jumps – jump in the air, and bring knees up toward chest. Land quietly. This is prep for box jumps! – x10
Ball Slams – follow ball down to the ground – x10

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 – “Snow” day

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Well, the weather is nasty, but not bad enough to stop the rest of today’s classes. Stay dry, warm, and I’ll see you at the noon, 6pm, or 7pm class!

Workout of the Day

Test/retest is overhead reach with both arms simultaneously (same as yesterday).

Tricep roll with lacrosse ball – Grab a lacrosse ball, grab a rogue box, get smashing those triceps! Try to really open up the shoulder angle and reach between your shoulder blades on this one. This is not in your armpit, but you should follow the triceps down into that area. A zig-zag motion works well to identify tight bands of muscle. 1min/arm
triceproll– Lat band stretch – Attach a band high to the beams, band pulls the arm overhead instead of across the chest like Monday.
This video shows and describes everything perfectly. Thank you global CrossFit community: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f997AGojAh4

Samson stretch – Get in a kneeling lunge, push hips forward and arms over head. Move in then out of this stretch slowly and deliberately. 5 times/side. No need to test/retest this one.

Skill work
Split jerk practice

We will be taking 5-10 minutes in the squash court to drill good technique and landing position for the split jerk. Substitute squat jerk if need be.


Push press with pause at top of each rep – 8×3 – total sets (warm-up plus work) – Get to some decent, heavy weight. Bar should be locked out at the top of each rep and held for a good 2 second count. Keep the rest of the body tight and stable underneath.

alternate with

Plate pinch one arm rows – 4×10 – Start the rows after you’ve done a couple sets of push presses. Grab a plate like on Monday, lean forward to put your hand on your knee, and row that plate nice and high.


5 min AMRAP – Ascending reps
Wall Balls and Short Court Sprints

Round 1 – one wall ball, one short court sprint (there and back=1 sprint)
Round 2 – two wall balls, two short court sprints  (there and back, twice)
Round 3 – three wall balls, three court sprints
etc, etc.

Get into a deep squat before each wall ball. Touch opposite wall with hand for each sprint. Make sure to corral your own medicine ball by the wall before taking off!
Lvl 1 – Let the medicine ball hit the ground on each wall ball rep
Lvl 2 – Catch the medicine ball on the fly each rep.

Record medicine ball weight and rounds through. Post to comments!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

SockItToMeSock it to me??

Hello there fellow CrossFitters, Black sock here. A lot of people think I’m all business, what with my classic color and golden toe. But I like to relax and put my feet up just like you. And just like you, I have feelings. And right now, I’m lonely. I’m sitting here, looking for my solemate. Until that day arrives, I’ll just spend my time at the bottom of the bookshelf on the CrossFit floor.

Terrible puns and obscure Laugh-In jokes aside, someone left their sock. It’s sitting in our impromptu lost-and-found. Thank you.

Workout of the Day

Test/retest is standing overhead reach with both arms simultaneously.

Foam roll your lats – Laying on the ground on the roller, reach one arm over your head like you’re doing the back stroke, roll to that side and dig into everything from mid-torso to mid-arm. Use your other hand on the roller to take some weight off, if need be. 1 min/side.
Example here.

Set up a bar in the squat rack at squat height. If it’s anything less than 45 lbs, then add some weight to it for the mobility portion of this workout.

First rib mobilization – Grab a lacrosse ball, stand perpendicular to your racked bar. Put the lacrosse ball under the bar and on top of your shoulder/trap area. Use that free hand to hold the ball in place.
Imagine this, but without the guy in green, and the free hand stabilizing the lacrosse ball.
Move the other arm up over your head in various motions – to the front, to the side, with your palm facing you. 1 min/side.
Optional viewing to explain why we’re doing this – watch the first 0:35 seconds of this video.

Squat stretch – Drop into a squat, wiggle and stretch things out. 1 minute. No test/retest needed for this.


Barbell Snatch Work – work 8×3 total sets (warm-up + work) for whatever level you choose. First set is empty bar or PVC pipe, then go up slowly to 50-60%, of your best snatch. Look to hit every rep. If you miss a rep, take 10% off the bar. Give adequate rest between sets.

Lvl 1 – Overhead squat – take bar out of rack, pop to arms length, get set and squat.
Lvl 2 – Snatch balance – take bar out of rack, set hands, pop up and drop underneath to low overhead squat.


Bear Crawls – at your own pace. Go through each round.
Round one – forward crawls
Round two – backward crawls
Round three – sideways crawls
Round four – forward crawls

Lvl 1 – once across the floor each round
Lvl 2 – there and back across the floor each round
Lvl 3 – there and back across the floor, getting chest/torso low to the ground the whole time.

Monday, March 4rd, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in Training Tips

CompBookThis is my training log. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My training log is my best friend. In the gym, it is my life. I must master it as I must master my squats.
My training log, without a pen, is useless. Without my training log, my workouts are useless. I must record my true lifts. I will celebrate my PR’s. I must work toward my goals, and in that war my training log is invaluable.
So be it, until I reach the last page! Then I will buy a new log!

Do you have a training log? It is one of the easiest ways to help your progress! We have a bookshelf on the gym floor where you can keep your training log. Never forget it again! Need to buy a training log? There’s a 24 hr CVS a block away! No excuses! Record your workouts!

Workout of the Day


Test and re-test your air squat after each exercise.

Foam roller on calves, one calf at a time – 1min/side

Foam roller on adductors on boxhttp://youtu.be/844hMalMDiU?t=2m3s – 1min/side

Test and re-test your front squat rack position after each of the following.

– Laying supine (face-up), roll inner edge of shoulder blade with lacrosse ball. Work up and down and incorporate overhead arm movement too. 1min/side

Band horizontal adduction – attach a med/thick band to a column. Wrap the other side of the band around one the back of one wrist. Position yourself so your banded arm stretches across the front of your chest. Turn your banded palm upward to the sky. 1min/side


Front Squats – warm-up to 5×5 work sets @ 60% of your max. Focus on good form and proper depth, allowing the weight to stretch out your hips in the bottom. If you do not  know your max, then work up to a weight that you’d feel comfortable pausing at the bottom of the squat with.

alternate with

Foot-assisted pull-ups – 5×5 – with bar in rack, grab bar palms-away, feet underneath the bar,. Then drop your knees and hips down and forward of the bar, until your arms are straight. Perform the pull-ups with your feet on the ground, looking to touch your chest to the bar on each and every rep.


8 min AMRAP, ascending reps
First round start with 1 rep, then next round 2 reps, etc, etc. The three exercises are:

Pushup variation, choose one.
– Lvl 1 – from knees
– Lvl 2 – from feet
– Lvl 3 – dive bombers

Split leg variation, choose one
– Lvl 1 – lunges in place, round #/side
– Lvl 2 – split squat jumps, round #/side

Plate pinch walk
– Walk from back wall to yellow strip and back = 1 rep.