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Friday, May 3rd

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!  Earn your weekend and get stronger…TODAY!

Warm up and Mobility – Burpee Races! Pair up and at 3-2-1-GO!, the first athlete does 1 burpee. As soon as the first athlete has completed the burpee by clapping overhead, the second athlete in the pair does 1 burpee. When the second athlete claps overhead, the first athlete immediately begins 2 burpees, followed by the second athlete doing 2 burpees. Continue back and forth adding one burpee each round until both partners have completed a set of 5 burpees.


Inchworms, traveling the length of the squash court, with a pause at the bottom of each inchworm for 3 push-ups – let’s get those hammies nice and warm!

Strength – Deadlifts 5 x 5 working sets (6/10 Perceived level of effort) Check your workout logs for the weight used on April 5th. You should be able to add a few pounds to that number yet still stay within that 6/10 zone. We’re getting stronger! These babies should glide off the floor but still remember to take adequate rest for the working sets (2-3 min).

Conditioning – “The Glitter Ball”

For Time –

15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)
30 Med Ball Slams
30 Med Ball Sit-ups + wall throw*
20 Med Ball Slams
20 Med Ball Sit-ups + wall throw
10 Med Ball Slams
10 Med Ball Sit-ups + wall throw
15 Box Jumps

Complete 15 box jumps (everyone STEPS DOWN!) then move on to 30-20-10 Ball Slams & Sit ups. For this portion, complete 30 ball slams and then 30 sit ups, 20 ball slams then 20 sit ups and so on. Finish with the final 15 box jumps.

Ball slams mean full hip extension and violently coming down with the ball in hand. Like this –

Ball Slam!

Med Ball Sit up and Toss looks a little something like this –

Med Ball Sit Up and Throw

*Scaling option can be a standard ab-mat sit ups.

Post weights and times to comments!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Warm Up & Mobility

Skill: 5-7 minutes of Handstand Position + Balance Work – crow pose and handstand progressions.  Make sure you get a spot if you are working a split off the wall!

Strength: Cleans

8×3, resetting to a 6/10 perceived level of effort. Cleans may start from the power position, the knees, or the ground.

Conditioning: Partner Up!


For time (9 minute cap): 100 plyo push-ups per team, as follows:

One athlete begins doing plyo push-ups, while the partner holds the bottom of an air squat. When the first athlete hits failure**, s/he must immediately complete a plate-pinch farmer’s walk up and back the length of the racquetball court while the partner continues to hold in a squat. The athletes then switch exercises, with the second athlete performing plyo push-ups until failure then farmer’s walking, while the first athlete holds in an air squat. The pair of athletes will continue switching back and forth as needed until their collective total of plyo push-ups reaches 100.

* Scaling options for plyo push-ups include strict push-ups or push-ups from your knees. We want this movement to be explosive off the ground.

** Failure constitutes the inability to perform your push-up variation. If you’re resting longer than 2-3 seconds at the top of the push up position, terminate the set and pick up those plates.

Post weights and time to comments!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

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5 min – Jump rope/double-under practice

Hip Flexor wall stretch – 45sec/side
Calf wall stretch – 45sec/side
Pvc dislocates – x10

Split Jerk Work – 6×4 total sets – 6/10 on level of effort. This is a reset week where we improve our form!
4-5 racks on the floor for this, so we don’t kick a rack when jerking.
Lvl 1 – Press from a split stance – switch legs each set – start weaker side first
Lvl 2 – Push press with 2 sec pause – feet hip width – focus on heel drive, head back, up and back bar path.
Lvl 3 – Split Jerk – switch legs each rep – GET LOW and LONG with the split. PUSH yourself down and under the bar. If you can’t, lower the weight a bit.

1000 meter row
Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps)
Pull-ups (30 reps)
For time

Scale thrusters and pull-up variations as needed. No kipping pull-ups please.

Post jerk weight and Jackie time to comments (and the chalkboard in class!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Workout of the Day
Jumping jacks – x20
Bear Crawls – Long court and back

Lax ball – rhomboids, teres major/minor – ~30/side
Calf/ankle stretch with empty bar – 1min
Jon-North-Ankle-Hip-Flexibility-Barbell-Stretch-SquatPVC dislocates – x5
PVC overhead squats x5

Snatch work – 8×3 total sets – Squat down low and pause briefly for every rep.
6/10 on effort – We went heavy last week, resetting this week.
Start at the hips, at the knees, or on the ground.

Assistance work
Bent over barbell rows – 4×10 – Use snatch weight to start, move up or down as needed. Moving only the arms, no body english.


Top of every minute
Band resisted partner sprints – 30 seconds
– loop a band around your waist, teammate holds band and resists your sprints.
alternate until each partner has gone 3 times. Coach can hold back the odd man out, and/or choose to run themselves.

After 6 minutes of alternating running, immediately followed by
For time, everyone
30 wall balls (20/16)
Post snatch weight and wall ball time to comments.

Monday, April 29th, 2013

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SquatzookaYes, let’s not be judgemental, except when it comes to form – feet too close here, and his heels are off the ground. At least the chest is up! No, we will not be doing this variation anytime soon.

Workout of the Day

Court side shuffles – 4x long length
Crab walk – 4x short length
Samson stretch – 2x short length

Squat wall stretch –  1min

SQUATS!! We’re going 6/10 on effort today.
If you have numbers from either March 4th or April 1st, then we are going heavier than that.
Today should be EASY. But easy does not mean unfocused. Some things to focus on –
Good form! Chest up, knees out!
Good depth! The depth you squat with this weight should be the depth you squat ALL weight.
Speed out of the bottom! With this, and every other warm-up set you do ever, you should be looking to get some SPEED on the bar.
Staying tight on the turn-around! Some athletes fold like a cheap suit at the bottom of their squat. Don’t be that athlete. Feel free to even PAUSE at the bottom before you explode upward.

7×5 total sets – feel free to not count the empty bar as a set.
Lvl 1 – Front Squat
Lvl 2 – Back Squat

Good mornings – 3×10 – use 50-70% of your top squat weight
complete all then
Barbell finger rolls – 3×15 – use 50-70% of your top squat weight

“Arms Race”
For Time, stagger starts as needed
Chest to bar chin-ups  x25 – use a band if needed. I will no-rep your arms off.
Explosive hand release pushups x25 – put two bumper plates on the ground, set up hands in between them. Lower down and release hands off the ground, then push up explosively to put your hands on each plate. Step hands down for next rep.
Straight Leg Lower-downs x25 – hands under small of back, raise legs to 90 degrees, then lower to ground for one rep.
Overhead Dumbbell Lunge Walk – Long court and back – grab a dumbbell, walk down and back with the DB overhead
One arm rows – 10/side – take the same dumbbell, one arm row it.

Post squat weight, something you focused on with your squats, and conditioning time to comments!

Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, 2013 – Weekend Update

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

churchsignSunday. Rest Day. Amen.

First off, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Heaton for passing his CrossFit Level 1 Certification!
JoeRugbyJoe is going to be stepping into bigger and badder roles around CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom in the coming weeks. He his a seasoned athlete, and been lifting with us since the old days of CrossFit Dupont! Congrats again Joe!!

Next – Programming!! Goals!!

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been ramping up this past month to break some huge PR’s this past week. I’ve lost track of all of them, but please feel free to post in the comments with yours!

We are going to be backing off this coming week – resetting so that the body can recover and then break new PR’s at the end of May. Every class is not about trying to break records. If it was, I’d just have you guys compete every weekend. You don’t get better by slamming the accelerator all the time.

So with lighter weight this coming week, what should you be focusing on?
MOBILITY – If you had trouble getting into strong solid positions in your squat, clean, snatch, deadlift – then this week is the week to hammer in some more mobility before/after class!
FORM – Hand in hand with mobility – you will be using lighter, more manageable weights. Focus on picture perfect form. If you can’t move lighter weight with good form, what do you think will happen when you go heavy?
SPEED – I’ve mentioned this in class, if you can move a weight with good form, then focus on moving it faster! This intention to move weight faster is important in teaching the body to engage stronger. Myself and the other coaches will help you on the finer points of this during class.

We have chalkboard paint up!! One of the columns will be our Goals board. Write one goal that you want to work on/accomplish over the next several months. Make it quantifiable – lift X amount of weight, do one chin-up, etc. Myself and the coaches can also help you formulate realistic goals for this.

Sign up for Classes!

Classes get busy! Let’s get in the habit of pre-registering for classes so myself and the coaches have a better headcount. Remember the protocol for registering for classes –

1Click here to bring up our MindBody Login Screen.
2. Click on “Forgot Password?” in the upper right hand side of the screen.
3. Enter and submit the email address that you registered with us. If you are not sure, please email me so I can check.
4. Go back to the login screen. User name is your email. Enter the password you just set.
5. Click on the “CrossFit Classes” tab and sign up for the appropriate class. Done!
Saturday 11am class – Coming soon!

We’re looking to add the Saturday class sometime in late May. Stay tuned!

Alright, enough reading at your computer/phone.


Friday, April 26th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

bondtuxTUXEDO SHIRTS ARE HERE! If you ordered one, please see a coach after class to pick yours up. If you didn’t order one, tough noogies! You will have to wait until our second run of them!

Workout of the Day

1stRib1st rib mobilization – bar in rack, lax ball between bar and 1st rib. Stabilize with free hand, move arm overhead

Lax ball roll on hips – sit and/or lay on your side. Dig into the glutes.

Turkish Get-up ~5min – singles each side, go heavy with solid form.

Deadlifts – 8×3 total sets – 8+/10 on effort – give adequate rest (2+min) between heavy sets – 5-10 lbs more than last week. Keep it classy.

For time
Put the weights down under control
One arm dumbbell snatch – 5/side – (Rx 50/30)
Renegade rows – x15/side – alternate, just row, no pushup – (Rx 50/30)
Divebomber pushups – x15 – start in down dog, dive down and pushup, then reset hips
DB swing – shoulder height – x30  (Rx 50/30)
Divebombers – x15
Renegade rows – x15/side
One arm dumbbell snatch – 5/side

-Post Deadlift weights and met-con times to comments!!