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Friday, June 7th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Handstand-on-a-SkateboardWoo-hoo! Gymnastics Day Today!

Healthy Eating Homework
Start taking fish oil! One of the best supplements you can put into your body.

Lax ball on tricep on box – 1min/side
triceprollLat band stretch – 1min/side


20 Jumping jacks
10 PVC dislocates
5 inch worms

Skill work
Handstand positional drills ~2-3min
– down dog
– feet on box
– chest to wall handstand

Handstand balance drills ~5-7min
– crow pose
– split off wall
– legs together

Hanging Scapular Retraction
 – 5 x (5 x five second holds)
– everytime you jump on the bar, you’re retracting and holding for a total of 25 seconds
– use box for assistance if needed

alternate with

One leg squat – 5 x 5/side
– hold onto Rogue boxes for assistance if needed

Strength 2
– 5×5
-box or rings
-foot assisted, free, or weighted

alternate with

Barbell roll-outs – 5×5
Just like the ab wheel, but better. Use 25’s+ on various bars.
From knees or feet

Partner wall-ball
The oldie but goodie from April 16th.
25 reps per person, for time
One partner wall balls medicine ball to their partner. Immediately do a burpee. Get to ready position before partner’s wall ball comes down on them.
For three people, it is a basic juggling pattern. Move to a central area to do your burpee and give room for third person to come in and catch the ball.
5 air squat penalty for each dropped ball.

Post your longest held handstand to comments!

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

TheSlammerAthletes Killing it in “The Slammer”

Paleo Meals coming soon to CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom!
Fairmont Executive Chef and Fellow CrossFitter, Mark Timms, is putting together a fantastic menu of Paleo meals that will be available for purchase at CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom!

Such items as:

Shrimp, Avocado and red pepper omelet with side of sliced oranges $10
12 oz  Pan seared New York strip. Sautéed Artichoke and asparagus, with mushroom ragout $14
Poached Salmon with a wilted salad of kale, dandelion and beets and pumpkin seed crust $14

Ask for a menu/information at the front desk!
Healthy Eating Homework
Read up on the Paleo diet.

Lax ball – glutes/hips/piriformis ~1min/side
Foam roller – thoracic extension/upper back roll ~2min
Wall sit – 1 min – get knees close to torso!
Squats – 6×5 total sets – 6-7/10 effort, strong and fast
Lvl 1 – Front squat <- only choose this if you are new to squatting
Lvl 2 – Back squat <- preferred for all sets
Breath focus – breath in and hold before you bend the hips/knees

alternate sets of squats with

Chin-up work – 6×3 total sets
Lvl 1 – Band
Lvl 2 – Negative (6×1)
Lvl 3 – False grip

7 min AMRAP
Deadlift (135/95) – x 10
Jump rope – (double-unders/single jumps) x 30
Handstand shoulder tap – (scale to down dog/feet on box) – x 10/side

Post Rounds to Comments!

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Healthy Eating Homework
Eat things with one ingredient today (egg, spinach, tomato)
– The more processed the product, often the more ingredients it will have. If you eat foods with one ingredient, less surprises.
Court side shuffle – 6 long lengths (go half court if there are a billion people)
Spiderman stretch – 1 long court length
Dirty Dancing Drill – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FozKb9IndCM – Go 1/2 dozen reps high, then 1/2 dozen reps into full squat.

PVC drills
– Clean from power position
– Shift from knees to power position
– Shift from ‘ground’ to above knees

Clean work – 8×3 – 6-7/10 effort, catch and ride down to squat
Set up in court and carpet
Lvl 1 – Power position
Lvl 2 – Above knees
Lvl 3 – Ground

Breath focus – big breath in and hold tight before you get set into position

Directly after sets, with top weight
Barbell finger roll (grip work) – 3×10 – If you can complete a set, go heavier. If you can’t, go lighter.

‘In the Slammer
For Time
8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of each
Single Dumbbell Renegade Row – alternate sides each rep – (50#plus/30#plus) – Reps/side
Jumping ball slam – Like it sounds. Jump in the air as you lift the ball over your head – Reps total

Post time for comments!

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

AlexMarkHSGymnastics Work Today!

Healthy Eating Homework
Stay Hydrated! Exercise performance is impaired when one is dehydrated by as little as 2% of their bodyweight. Take care of the basics first – drink water!

Foam roll – lats – 1min/side
Lax ball – rear delt/teres major/minor – 1min/side
Skill work
Handstand positional drills ~2-3 min
-Down dog pose
-Feet on box
-Chest to wall handstand

Breath focus – make sure to breath when upside-down. Athletes will oftentimes hold their breath!

Handstand balance drills ~5+ min
– crow pose
– split off wall
– legs together, spotted

– rotate through exercises, rest as needed

Handstand pushups -5×5
– Feet on ground, box, or wall
– Hands always on parallettes (full range of motion!)

Chest to bar pull-ups/Muscle-up work – 5×5
– Use band as needed
– Work for strict ring muscle-ups if pull-ups are too easy

L-sit work on boxes – 5×20 sec attempts
– Knees straight, lift legs as high as you can.
– Work for around 20 seconds each set, then move on

Warm-up hips as needed for Met-con
For time

stagger starts as needed, move counter-clockwise through gym
Bear crawl – chin-up bars to yellow line
DB squat cleans (pair of 50#/30#) – x 15
Wall ball (20/14) – x 20
Crab walk – chin-up bars to yellow line
DB swing (50#/30#) – x 25


Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Jon North.
Just study this picture over and over again.
Then watch this video to pump you up.

20 burpees
Shoulder stretch – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhX1zREMJgQ – 1min/side
Spiderman stretch – 1min/side

PVC Snatch Drills
– dislocates
– overhead squats
– snatch from power position
– pull from floor

Snatch work – 6×3 – 6-7/10 effort
Lvl 1 – Overhead squat
Lvl 2 – Power position
Lvl 3 – Above the knees
Lvl 4 – Ground

after 6 sets, switch to –
Snatch grip deadlifts – 4×5
-start with heaviest weight your moved for snatch work, add 5-10 lbs total each time if controlled.

4x through, strive for constant movement
Split squat jumps – 0:30
Pushups – 0:30
Hollow body rocks – 0:30

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 – Weekend Update

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

FoxxWeekendHow sweet it is. Another weekend update!

Yes folks, we’re changing things around to give you an opportunity to work all your weakest exercises, and put more emphasis on neglected areas. The new schedule –

Monday – snatches
Tuesday – gymnastics/upper body
Wednesday –  cleans
Thursday – squats/deadlifts
Friday – gymnastics/upper body
Saturday – all olympic lifting (snatches, clean + jerks)

Olympic Lifting Platform Coming This Week!
For those CrossFitters who lift on their own in the general weight area, you’ll be happy to know that I spoke with Sorinex Equipment last week, and we are expecting a brand new Olympic Platform sometime this week! It will have a squat stand attached to it as well.

High Hanging Rings… and a Climbing Rope?
All you Fog Bots know that we have incredibly high ceiling for an underground gym. We are in talks of eventually hanging the rings from the ceiling, perhaps with a climbing rope as well.

There are plans to lay rubber down on the entire weight room side. During that time, will probably be the best opportunity to hang the rings. We will keep you informed!

Alright guys and gals. Have a good week of training!


Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


First Saturday Class! Today! 11am!

Next Week – New Weekly Structure! To Be Announced Tomorrow!


Healthy Eating HomeWork
Eating complex carbs only after you workout. Earn those carbs!



Court Drills
Roller/Lax Ball/Band Frenzy – Rotating through each station, roll/stretch what feels most bound up from the week.

Strength – Olympic Grab Bag
Today we will be covering both contested Olympic Lifts – the snatch and the clean + jerk.
Breath focus – Take a breath and hold before starting lift. Tight body! Better lift!

PVC Drills – Snatch
PVC Drills – Clean + Jerk

First 15+  minutes –
Snatch work – infinity x 2 – 6-7/10 effort
Lvl 1 – Overhead squat
Lvl 2 – Power Position
Lvl 3 – Above Knees
Lvl 4 – Ground

Second 15+ minutes
Clean and Jerk work – infinity x 2 – 6-7/10 effort
Putting the two together. Jerk forward with each foot.
Continue increasing weight from snatch work
Lvl 1 – Front squat + Push Press
Lvl 2 – Power Position + Push Press/Split Jerk
Lvl 3 – Above Knees + Split Jerk
Lvl 4 – Clean + Jerk

Still looking for the best way to get us in and out of the building so we can run outside. But until then we’ll do some mountain climbing
For Time – Mountain Climbing
When you finish your first set of Mountain climbers, jump to whatever station is free (HSPU, Pull-ups, Snatch). Set of mountain climbers after each station.

Mountain climbers – x 20/side
Handstand push-ups – x 10
Mountain climbers – x 20/side
Pull-ups – x 10
Mountain climbers – x 20/side
One arm dumbbell snatch – x 5/side (50#/30#)
Mountain climbers – x 20/side

Post Met-con Time to Comments!