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Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Cleans! And yes, I’m in the mood for these signs this week.

PALEO POTLUCK!! THIS FRIDAY!! Come on out, and be able to say you were at the 1st one! Total hipster cred!! 8:30pm – At Zach’s house – 2121 Bancroft Pl NW. Zach never turns on a porch light, and it will totally seem like you’re breaking into a mansion, but trust me we’ll be inside. See everyone there!

The response has been overwhelming! People want their t-shirts!! If you haven’t put your name/size down on the list for a shirt, do it now! The sign-up is sitting in the CrossFit area next to the regular class sign-up. We’re looking at $20/shirt.
wpid-front.jpgwpid-back.jpgAnd to answer your question, yes. We are definitely going to have a Fairmont bar party in these things. Keep it classy!

Workout of the Day

FerrissCat Crawls (aka bear crawls) – nice and controlled – 2 long court lengths
Blurpees – x10

PVC rack stretch –  grab PVC pipe low with arm to be stretched. Bring pipe up and behind the shoulder. Reach across your body with the opposite arm and pull pipe to position seen below. Lift the elbow! Work around in this position 1min/side.

RackStretchSquat Stretch – 1 min – sit into your best/deepest squat. Hold 1min. Chest up! Knees out! Feet flat!!!

Skill work

Handstand position – ~3 min
Lvl 1 – Down dog hold
Lvl 2 – Down dog hold, feet on box, hands on ground
Lvl 3 – Chest to wall handstand hands far (~2ft from wall)
Lvl 4 – Chest to wall handstand hands close (~3-4 in from wall) <= get a spot if needed!


Handstand balance – ~5 min
Lvl 1 – Crow Pose – Spot your teammate on their shoulders so they don’t go onto their face.
Lvl 2 – Split off wall – Get up in the chest to wall handstand, making sure your hands are about 2 ft from the wall (far). Your teammate will spot you at the calves with both hands as you split one leg off and away from the wall. This one leg moving will shift you onto your hands and away from the wall. Leave yourself enough energy to come down safely.

Clean work – 10×2 total sets – 7+/10 on effort – A little heavier than last week –
Lvl 1 – Front squat
Lvl 2 – Squat Clean from power position – upright posture! Weight on heels! Bar in hips/high thigh!
Lvl 3 – Squat Clean from above the kneecaps – scoop to power position and go.
Lvl 4 – Squat Clean from below the kneecaps – scoop to power position and go.

Go immediately to assistance work when done Clean work.

Assistance work
Bent over barbell rows – 3×10 – Use 1/4 to 1/2 of what you were working with above.
BBrowGet into the below the knee caps position. Only thing moving should be the shoulders and arms.

5 rounds for quality
Handstand shoulder taps – 30 seconds
– Get into previous handstand level position. Shift weight from one hand to the other, looking to eventually lift up the hand and touch the same side shoulder. Come down early if fatigued.
Partner Band-resisted sprints – 2 long court lengths
Resisted Sprints
limit rest period between each.

Post clean weights and what time you’ll be at Zach’s on Friday to comments.

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Hello! Today’s post could very well be titled – “my home internet is never working properly, so I’m typing this up on my phone again. Sorry for the lack of pictures.”

Also, it’s Jerk day. Let’s put some weight overhead.

Also, Paleo Potluck this Friday! Zach’s house. Info on previous blog posts.

Jump rope- ~3 minutes

Lax ball – TFL, hips, glutes – lay on lacrosse ball and dig into everything around the front/side/back of your waist band. 1min/side.
Wall lunge stretch – 3way – hands on wall, get into a lunge position similar to your jerk stance. With the back leg, turn your foot to the outside, then straight ahead to wall, then toed inward slightly. 20sec/position, 1min/side.

Put a rack aside for space. Make sure you know where your feet are starting for the jerk work (chalk the ground if necessary).
Jerk work – 7×4 total sets – 7+/10 effort – heavier than last week, still good form. Feel free to rack up weights very briefly between reps of split jerk.
Lvl 1 – Press from split position. 2reps/side. 4 reps/set.
Lvl 2 – Push press with pause.
Lvl 3 – Split jerk. Long stride, get looowww.

Overhead bulgarian split squat – 4×5/side – pointed foot back on low box, use an ab mat if you need a cushion. Hold a bumper plate overhead.

Alternate with

Chin-up work – 4×5 – lots of variations today! Get the shoulders back and down on each variation, or use a band until you can.
Lvl 1 – banded
Lvl 2 – negative – 4×1
Lvl 3 – negative with increasing pull – 4×1 – lower down from the top about 1″. Pull yourself back up to top. Lower yourself down about 2″. Pull yourself back up. Continue this increasing drop/pull until you are unable to pull yourself back up, then just lower down rest of way. This is all done in one set.
Lvl 4 – normal
Lvl 5 – false grip

4 rounds. For time
DB swings – 1/5-1/3 bodyweight – 10 reps (grab dumbbell handle like a sword)
Ab mat situps – 10 reps
Crab walk – 1 long court length out
Sprint – 1 long court length back to dumbbell

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Getting closer and closer with the barbell snatch this week. Taking it from below the knees!
Also note the slight difference in each lifter’s body position. We have different arm lengths/torso lengths/leg lengths. We need to focus on what’s the same!

Workout of the Day

High jumps – 1×5
Box jumps – 10×2 – move up in height as you feel comfortable

Mobility – 2x through
PVC dislocates x 5
PVC overhead squats x 5
PVC sotts press x 5

This is a hook grip.

hookgripIt helps reinforce your grip for exercises like the clean and snatch. We will use it today and for those exercises onward!

Barbell Snatch work – 10×3 total sets – 7/10 on effort – heavier than last week. Feel free to put the bar down between reps. Take time to warm-up!

Lvl 1 – Overhead squat with 2 second pause
Lvl 2 – Squat Snatch from the power position
Lvl 3 – Squat Snatch from above the knees
Lvl 4 – Squat Snatch from below the knees
For Level 4, we are looking to get the bar just below the knee caps. Keep the weight back and the knees out of the way as the bar passes them.

Assistance Work
Banded Forearm Wall Slide – 3×10
BandedslideGrab a blue or red band in both hands. Apply light outward pressure. Protract shoulder blades slightly. Slide the back of the hands up the wall. We are looking to keep the upper traps relaxed the whole time. You will feel this in the middle of your back in all those muscles that help stabilize the shoulder blades.

On the top of every half minute
Renegade Rows – 1/4-1/5 of your bodyweight – ascending reps – 1st round=1rep/side, 2nd round=2 reps/side, etc. Alternate arms.
At the end of your renegade rows, pop up into athletic stance.
athletic stanceIf you fail to pop up into the athletic stance before the next round. You are done for the day.

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Hitting up squats again today. Let’s keep good with our form and squat down as low as we safely can!

Reminder: Paleo Potluck this Friday! – 8:30pm – At Zach’s house – 2121 Bancroft Pl NW. See everyone there!

Workout of the Day
Warm-up – jumping jacks x15, ball slams x10, burpees x5, spiderman stretch x5/side

Banded ankle mobility – attach one side of band to post, the other side to your ankle. Face away from the post. Heel down, drive the knee forward. 30sec/side
Foam roller – piriformis/glutes – 30sec/side
Squat stretch – 1min

Squat work – 5×5 work sets – 7/10 on effort, a little heavier than last week. Same thing as last week – if you’re getting good form and depth on the front squat (Lvl 1) then feel free to do the back squat (Lvl 2).

Feel free to switch back and forth between each squat too, working in the 7/10 effort for each respective squat variation.

Lvl 1 – Front Squat
Lvl 2 – Back Squat

Alternate work sets with…

Pull-up work – 5×5 – palms away – chest to bar – shoulders set down and back before elbows bend at all. If your feet/knees and shoulders come forward in any way, then add more assistance. This is about strong, quality reps.

Lvl 1 – banded
Lvl 2 – normal
Lvl 3 – beast bar

Assistance work
Barbell Good Mornings – 2×10 –

Use an empty bar or up 1/2 your squat weight. Keep heavy on heels, hips back, bow forward. Keep 100% good form in your back.

Alternate with

Hanging leg raises – 2×10
Lvl 1 – Knees to elbows
Lvl 2 – Toes to bar

Grab one heavy dumbbell (recommended ~1/3-1/2 your bw) and one light dumbbell (recommended ~1/5-1/4 your bw). Make sure you can move each dumbbell for the respective exercise!

5min AMRAP
One arm light dumbbell 1 clean and 10 push press, right arm
One arm heavy dumbbell farmer’s walk, right arm – 4 long court lengths
One arm light dumbbell 1 clean and 10 push press, left arm
One arm heavy dumbbell farmer’s walk, left arm – 4 long court lengths

Keep track of the rounds completed for your score, but finish up any incomplete rounds after the 5 minutes is up. Put the dumbbells down under control! Keep our space looking good!

Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th, 2013 – Weekend Update!

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Lots to announce, but I’m writing this up on my phone in Atlantic City, so I’ll keep things brief.

Paleo Potluck!! This Friday, April 12th, starting at 8:30pm at Zach’s place – 2121 Bancroft Pl NW. Bring a healthy dish and come hang with your fellow athletes in a non-exercise setting – that is unless there’s an impromptu handstand session…

R&D has come back with an excellent t-shirt design that is guaranteed to put 20 lbs onto your deadlift.



CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom : Keep it Classy

We are collecting t-shirts sizes from interested athletes to prep for the possible order. There is a sign-up sheet for name/shirt size down next to our regular sign-in, or you can email me – james@balancegym.com

New Coach! Trip O’Connell


We are glad to bring CrossFit coach, Trip, onto our staff! He will be picking up some of the morning classes soon so that I can turn my 15 hour days into 13.

His bio-

Trip began his early life as an athlete, playing multiple sports at the high school and collegiate levels including football, basketball and track. He attended the University of Delaware where he advanced his strength and condition practice as a member of the U of D football team.

Once out of college, and removed from team sports in 2005, Trip found himself challenged by a new physical endeavor in Muay Thai and Traditional Russian kickboxing as he left the Washington D.C area for Las Vegas, NV. He trained for many years with Kong Napa and Master Chan in Las Vegas at Apollo Sebastian’s Fasi Sports. His kickboxing training lead to a need for more strength, which landed him on the doorstep of a brand new and independent gym called CrossFit Las Vegas in 2008.

Under the tutelage of Zach Forrest and Joe Marsh, Trip fell in love with the CrossFit ideology; it’s practice and implementation. After competing in the 2009 Regional games in Flag Staff, AZ with his team from CFLV, he moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and continued his training with Andy Thompson of CrossFit Hollywood for two more years before returning to Las Vegas and opening A-Team Training Center with IFBB Pro Stacey Alexander.

Today, Trip has returned back to his native Washington D.C. as he prepares to enter the Air Force. He spends his time training and Teaching at CrossFit Balance and CrossFit DuPont, in addition to partaking in multiple outdoor activities such as; Go Ruck, Challenges Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Warrior Dashes (basically anything with mud and pain mixed in), hiking, running, yoga, Muay Thai, paddle boarding, swimming and drown proof training, etc.

Trip has been a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach since 2008, he is constantly striving to grown his knowledge of the human body and the limits that it can push.

Welcome Trip!

Alright, my thumbs are exhausted. See you all in class!


Friday, April 5th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

RobotWeightliftingForklift Fridays! Deadlifts!

REMEMBER! First every Paleo Potluck, Next Friday April 12th, starting at 8:30pm at Zach’s 2121 Bancroft Pl NW. Cook or bring a small entree or side dish to share. See you there!

Workout of the Day

Medicine Ball Passes – Partner up or grab a wall. If partnered, look to catch the medicine ball. Easy warm-up.
1min – sideway throws – wind up like baseball player taking a swing. Alternate side each throw.
1min – overhead throws – throw overhead like a soccer player, taking a step.
1min – underhand throws – Load up the hips and pop.

Lax ball on hamstring – sitting on box – 1min/side – Good posture, lean forward, kick leg out
Overhead tricep stretch against wall – 1min/side – See picture. Look to keep your head in line and NOT jutted forward.


Deadlift – 5×5 – work sets – 6-7/10 on effort – weight moves fast!

alternate work sets with…

Ring Dip work – 5×5
Lvl 1 – Straight arm support – 5×30 seconds total time (come down if you need to, amass 30 seconds each set) – Use your feet for assistance if necessary
Lvl 2 – Ring dips
Lvl 3 – Ring dips, turn palms outward at the top (palms face forward instead of backward)


Barbell Romanian Deadlift – 3×10 – Use 1/3-1/2 of your deadlift weight.
alternate with
Ab mat crunches – 3×10

CrossFit Open Workout 13.5
Clock counts upwards in event of time bonus
Use Poker Chips to count rounds

4 minute AMRAP of:
15 Thrusters (100 / 65 lbs) – Barbells! Please scale weights accordingly. Rack the bar and rest as needed, keep things classy.
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups – Please scale difficulty accordingly. Either strict pull-ups or banded pull-ups. No kipping.
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed. (4min AMRAP becomes 8, etc.)

Post Deadlift weight and Conditioning rounds to comments!

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


We need more 45’s! These sled pushes are too easy!!

Announcements – PALEO POTLUCK!!
First every Paleo Potluck, Friday April 12th, from 8:30pm until whenever Zach kicks us out (11? 12? 3am?). At Zach’s house – 2121 Bancroft Pl NW – North of the gym in the Kalorama neighborhood.
Bring something healthy to eat, and something unhealthy to drink, if you so choose.

Our General Manager, Devin, is always wheeling and dealing. This time, he’s got us TWO TICKETS to see ANIMAL COLLECTIVE on their third night in town – Wednesday, June 12th.
AnimalCollectivePHow can you win the tickets to ANIMAL Collective?
We do a lot of animal walks in class – bear crawls, crab walks, duck walks! (the best!). I want to hear from YOU an idea for a new “animal walk” exercise.

Post on OUR Facebook page and then share on your own page. Top 3 people with the most “likes” on their answer are in the finals. Judges to make a final call for the one post that is most original, funny, and/or actually useable in a CrossFit class.

If you are Tom from MySpace or the Vandervoss twins and don’t have a Facebook account, please feel free to post in the comments here, but Facebook likes will have a huge sway in voting.

Contest to close 9am MONDAY. Winner announced Monday afternoon. So think up your best answer and get posting! (Note: Sorry Scotty 2 Hotty, “The worm” is not a new exercise, although the thought of an entire class doing the worm across the court is awesome.)

Workout of the Day

Jump rope – ~3 minutes – normal and double-under work!

Lots of it!
Foam roller – calf, sitting on ground – ~30sec/side
Foam roller – inner thigh, sitting on box – ~30sec/side
Lax ball – inner edge of shoulder blades, wall – ~30sec/side
Lax ball – glutes/hips, sitting on ground – ~30sec/side

Skill work
Handstand position – ~3 min
Lvl 1 – Down dog hold
Lvl 2 – Down dog hold on box
Lvl 3 – Chest to wall handstand hands far
Lvl 4 – Chest to wall handstand hands close <= get a spot if needed!

Handstand balance – ~5+ min
Lvl 1 – Crow Pose – Spot your teammate so they don’t go onto their face.
Lvl 2 – Split off wall – Get up in the chest to wall handstand, making sure your hands are about 2 ft from the wall (far). Your teammate will spot you at the calves with both hands as you split one leg off and away from the wall. This one leg moving will shift you onto your hands and away from the wall.

Clean work – 8×3 total sets – 6-7/10 on effort – A little heavier than 3/7/13 – Look for fast lifts, good position
Lvl 1 – Front squat
Lvl 2 – Clean from power position – catch the bar high, stop it in semi-squat, then ride it down to full squat.
Lvl 3 – Clean from above the knees – catch the bar high, stop it in semi-squat, then ride it down to full squat.

Go immediately to assistance work when done Clean work

Assistance work
Chin-ups – 4×6
Lvl 1 – Banded
Lvl 2 – Negatives – 4×1, not 4×6
Lvl 3 – Normal
Lvl 4 – False grip chin-ups
Lvl 5 – Strict muscle-ups – don’t push out dip, just get over rings

Post clean weights and whether you were able to get a rep on Lvl 5!