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Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

10 burpees
10/side mountain climbers
10 T rotations
10 samson stretches

Dirty dancing drill
PVC drilling – snatch
Strength – ~15 minutes – Snatch work – 7/10 effort

Lvl 1 – Overhead squat – (x3)
Lvl 2 – Snatch balance – (x3)
Lvl 3 – Mid-thigh snatch – (x3)
Lvl 4 – Snatch complex = Halting snatch deadlift, snatch from the floor, mid-thigh snatch

PVC drilling – clean and jerk work
Strength 2 – ~15 minutes – Clean + Jerk work – 7/10 effort
Lvl 1 – Mid-thigh clean and push press – (x2)
Lvl 2 – Mid-thigh clean and split jerk – (x2)
Lvl 3 – Clean from floor, split jerk – (X2)

For Time – 10 min cap
Deadlifts (Rx = bodyweight)

Post Weights and Times to comments!

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

MVI_1290DIPS! The squat for the upper body

30 jumping jacks

Pushup position hand clap ~1-2min
Group up in 2’s or 3’s, face each other in pushup position. Alternately lift up and and slap each others hands. 3 peeps? Go in a circle.

holy moly, can’t believe I found a picture.

Shoulder stretch – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhX1zREMJgQ – 1min/side
Spiderman stretch, alternate legs – ~1min

Hollow body rocking
HollowHoldHandstand positioning (feet on box, or chest to wall handstand)
Handstand balance
– Lvl 1 – split feet off wall (spot = calves)
– Lvl 2 – pirouette safely off wall (spot = hips)
Lvl 3 – split feet off wall (spot = lower back)
By having the spotter move their hand to the athlete’s lower back, there is more responsibility for the athlete to keep the body tight.

Strength – ~20 minutes – alternate exercises – 7+/10 effort – sets of 5 reps

– Use boxes or rings, rings strongly preferred
Lvl 1 – foot assist (try to hold free at top)
Lvl 2 – free
Lvl 3 – weighted (squeeze dumbbell, or grab dip belt from upstairs)

Pendlay Rows – Rest bar on floor after each rep. Minimize hip involvement. Work up to heavy, manageable weight.

Conditioning – 4 rounds – For Quality
L-sit holds
– boxes or parallettes – 0:30
Rest 0:15
One leg squats – alternate legs – use rings for support as needed – 0:30
Rest 0:15
Bear Crawl with dumbbells (row each dumbbell high before stepping) (50s/30’s) – 0:30
Rest 0:15

Post handstand PR’s to comments!

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

burpee jump—-
Jump rope – 5 min
Double-under practice

3 stations, 1min/side
Adductor roll, sitting on box
Split stance adductor stretch
SplitStanceQuadraped extension/rotation

Sumo deadlift! – ~20 minutes, Sets of 5 reps, 7/10 effort, compare/exceed to May 31st
sumodead-Set feet up like a sumo wrestler, feet wide and turned 45 degrees, hands on the INSIDE of the knees (shoulder width). Chest up, knees out.
Breath focus – Big breath and hold as you set-up. Continue to hold breath as the bar goes through the sticking point. Release breath slowly as you complete lock-out.

Assistance – 3x through
Lvl 1 – False grip rows – x12
Lvl 2 – False grip chin-ups – x6
Lvl 3 – Assisted muscle-up (teammate lifts athlete from behind by squeezing sides of lats) – x6
Lvl 4 – Strict muscle-ups – x6

AMRAP – 7 min
Burpee broad jump
– 1/2 court and back
Seated Russian twist w/ bumper plate (feet may touch ground, lean back slightly) – (45/25) – 10/side
Overhead plate lunge – 1/2 court and back
Plate pinch row – x10/side
Compare with May 31st again

Post Rounds completed to comments!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

StraightArmPullStraight arm pull = getting yourself to look like this.

Partner wall ball – in 2’s or 3’s, wall ball some med balls to each other. ~ 1-2 min

Foam roller – upper back +lower back roll/thoracic extension
Banded ankle mobilization – partner up if possible
Lax ball – teres major/minor roll (behind the armpit)

Dirty Dancing Drill
PVC drills for clean
Strength – Clean work – ~ 20 minutes – 7/10 RPE
All levels, 3 reps per set, reps consist of
Mid-thigh straight arm pull (bar stays by hip, arms stay straight, drive upwards through heels)
Mid-thigh power clean (catch high)
Mid-thigh squat clean (catch low)
Don’t put bar down between reps.

EMOM, (50 pounds or MORE/30 pounds or MORE)
Dumbbell power clean + push press – left side – x round #
Dumbbell power clean + push press – right side – x round #
Dumbbell renegade row (row, no pushup) – left side – x round #
Dumbbell renegade row (row, no pushup) – right side – x round #
Hop to athletic stance

So first round you would clean + push press one rep on each side, then row one rep on each side, then hop to athletic stance (semi-squat, hands in front). Top of the next minute (round 2), you would do two reps of each exercise then hop to athletic stance.

If you fail to hop into athletic stance before the minute is up, you are DONE. Mark your score then finish up your incomplete round.

Post rounds + extra reps completed to comments!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

power jerkPower Jerk, done right.

Jumping jacks – 30
spiderman stretch – alternate for 1min

Lax ball – neck/trap tack and stretch – Use a rack and step on the base to secure things.
Foam roller – side lying extension/rotation
PVC dislocates – slow and easy

Handstands! – work on appropriate level
Handstand positioning – (feet on box, chest to wall) 1-2 min
Handstand balancing – (split off wall, otherwise work on positioning) 3-5 min

PVC drilling
Strength – Jerk work – ~15 minutes – 7/10 effort – 3 reps per set
Lvl 1 – Push press all reps
Lvl 2 – push press, power jerk, power jerk
Lvl 3 – push press, split jerk, split jerk

Conditioning – 4 rounds through, 30 seconds each station, no rest between exercises.
20″ box jump (or high jump)
Pull-ups – chest to bar – strict  – (band if needed)
Explosive pushups – (look to leave ground each pushup)
Sit-ups – (shoulders to ground, hands to feet)

Score = total combined reps

Post score to comments!

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


2 stations
Foam roller – lats – 1min/side
Foam roller – thoracic extension – 1min

Lax ball – chest against wall – 1min/side
Wall facing squat – 1min
WallFacing squat(If crowded, add 3rd station of shoulder stretch and spiderman stretch)

PVC drilling
Strength – ~20 minutes snatch work – 7/10 effort, getting heavier, few missed due to weight
Lvl 1 – Overhead squat – x3
Lvl 2 – Mid-thigh snatch – x3
Lvl 3 – Snatch complex – 3 reps/set – a mid-thigh snatch, mid-thigh snatch, below knee snatch.  Hold onto bar the entire time.

Assistance work  – 3x through
One leg Romanian Deadlift with barbell – (x5/side) – good form, go heavy
Overhead band pull downs (x10)
PVC sotts press (in a squat, of course) – (x5)

5 min AMRAP, run in heats as needed
Barbell row (95/65) – x10
Burpees over bar (you may step or jump) – x 10

Post rounds completed to comments!

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

(Mont Royal, Montreal)

3 stations – ~1min/side
Foam roller – ITB/quad/adductors
Lax ball – chest against wall (sweep arm up and down)
Bands – overhead lat stretch

PVC drilling – dislocates/OHS/snatch balance

Strength – Snatch work – ~15 minutes – 6-7 effort, strong and fast
Lvl 1 – Overhead squat with 3 second pause (x3)
Lvl 2 – Snatch balance (x3)
– For the snatch balance, pop the bar upward slightly, then drop quickly into full overhead squat. You may either then control the bar back to your shoulders for the next rep, or drop it to the front and clean it back up to the rack for the next rep. We are going LIGHT today.

PVC drilling – clean and jerk work

Clean + Jerk work – ~15 minutes – 6/7 effort, FAST or take the weight down.
Lvl 1 – Mid-thigh clean and push press
Lvl 2 – Mid-thigh clean and split jerk
Lvl 3 – Below knee clean and split jerk – set in position from the top

0:30work/0:15 rest
4 people/station, Start anywhere, 3x through
Thrusters – (65#/45#, guys, strip down bar if needed)
Pull-ups – strict or banded
Wall balls (20#/14#)
DB swings (50#/30#)

Score = total number of thrusters and wall balls combined.

Post scores to comments!