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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Jump rope
Double-under and criss cross practice

Side lying extension-rotation – use med ball for knee support – 10/side
Wrist stretching – flexion/extension

Skill – handstand
Hollow body rocking
Handstand positional drills
– Down dog/feet on box/chest to wall handstand (far)
Handstand balance drills
– Crow pose/split off wall/legs together (spot everything)

Floor press! 5×8 – 8/10 effort – heavier than June 11th!

alternate with

False grip rows – 5×8
Full range of motion
Lvl 1 – feet on ground
Lvl 2 – feet raised  on plates/boxes

Side lying plate rotation. – 3×12/side
– Use 5 lb small plates to start
– Go slow and controlled, good form is key, elbow by side
– curl plate upward at the bottom of the motion so that it does not hit ground

For Time – 5 min cap
Rx = 75 double unders (scaled 100 single jumps)
every time you falter – stop and do 5 pushups

Post handstand holds, met-con time with # of penalties to comments!

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Mountain climbers – 15/side
Spiderman stretch – 5/side

Foam roller – lats/rib cage
Light band – behind the neck band pulldowns (pain free ROM)
Lax ball – calf/achilles tendon

PVC drills
Overhead squat
Snatch balance
Power position snatch
Below knees snatch
Snatch work – 8×2 – 8/10 effort – getting heavy! Going for PR’s next week!
Lvl 1 – Overhead squat with 5 second pause
Lvl 2 – Power position
Lvl 3 – Below knees
Lvl 4 – From ground with pause below the knee
Lvl 5 – normal

Chest to bar Pull-up work – 4×6
Lvl 1 – Banded
Lvl 2 – Explosive (pull as low as possible on front of body)
Lvl 3 – Bar muscle-ups (pull as low as possible on front of body, lean over top if high enough)

For Time – 5 min cap
25 db squat clean to push press
(50 lbers or more?/30 lbers or more?)

Post snatch weights, any successful bar muscle-ups, and met-con times to comments!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

20 jumping jacks
10 burpees

–3 stations, ~1:30 each station
Foam roller – bicep roll
Lax ball – inner edge shoulder blades/shoulders
Bar – ankle mobility stretch
Dislocates/overhead squats
Dirty Dancing
Drill power positions in both lifts, with emphasis on elbows pointing outward, not backward at the start, as well as hook grip, if not familiar

Strength –
~first 15 minutes, Snatches – doubles – 7/10 effort, few misses from too heavy a weight
Lvl 1 – overhead squat with 2 second pause
Lvl 2 – power position
Lvl 3 – below the knees
Lvl 4 – ground

~next 15 minutes, Cleans – doubles – 7/10 effort, few missed from too heavy a weight
Lvl 1 – front squat with 2 second pause
Lvl 2 – power position
Lvl 3 – below the knees
Lvl 4 – ground

Weightlifting Redux
4 stations – 0:30/0:15 rest – 2x through
Score equals total number of snatches and cleans
One arm Dumbbell power snatch (50/30) (start at knees/shin, end in half squat)
Medball squat clean
Plate pinch pass (45/25) (one plate pinched in both hands, stand in place and pass behind/around the body, watch your toes)
L-sit holds on boxes or parallettes

Post redux scores, and any awesome lifts you hit today, to comments!

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

LunchOnTheirHandsSpaghetti on those plates?
That’s what carbs will help you accomplish.

Jump rope 2-3 min
– double-under practice
– let’s practice some other skills!! – criss cross
Try a double-under with arms crossed in front. I did it once!

Samson stretch – 5/side
Shoulder stretch – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhX1zREMJgQ – 30sec/side

Skill work ~5-7min
Hollow body rocking – keeping the body tight and shoulders open for handstand
Handstand positional drills – quick and fast, warm shoulders up
Handstand balance drills
– Split off wall
– If comfortable, bring legs together and have teammate support/balance both sides

Split Jerk work – 6×2/side – 7/10 effort, strong!
Lvl 1 – Push press with 3 second pause overhead
Lvl 2 – Split jerk

immediately following
Chest to bar chin-up work – 6×3
Lvl 1 – banded
Lvl 2 – negative (6×1)
Lvl 3 – false grip chin-ups (feet on ground for assistance as needed!)
Lvl 4 – strict muscle-ups

Row 1000M
Those waiting should be foam rolling/stretching/cheering

Cash out, if time –
Side lying external rotations – light weight, controlled – 2-3×10/side

Post split jerk weight and 1000M time to comments!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

cheerDo you cheer for your fellow teammates?
Or do you stand around during a met-con like you’re in a library?
We are a community! We get stronger together, we grow together!
Iron sharpens Iron!

Go in waves of people, if crowded
– Side shuffle – 2 full court lengths
– Back shuffle – 2 full court lengths
– Back shuffle, turn half court and forward sprint – 2 full court lengths

Ankle mobility drill
– Drive knee to wall for a stretch, front heel down! – x10/side
ankle mobSquat “prying” – 2x
– Hold onto a squat stand, have a teammate stand on other side for stability
– Squat down with good form as far as you can. Hold lowest position for 30 seconds
Squat pry—–
Squat time! – 8×3 – 7+/10 effort
Lvl 1 – Front squat <- If you are new to squatting, do this for all 8 sets
Lvl 2 – Back squat <- preferred for all sets
For the first 3-4 lighter sets, pause for 3 seconds at the bottom of each squat.
Stay TIGHT and STRETCH down into a good depth, then EXPLODE upwards.
Heavy sets, move faster, normal pace.

– Go counter-clockwise through gym
– Start at any one of the 4 stations
– 2x through
– Score = total number of reps for everything (keep a running count)
Deadlift (Rx 135/95, Keep it Classy, scale as needed) – 0:30
Rest 0:30
DB One arm rows (Rx 50/30, stand in athletic position, single dumbbell, switch hands after each rep. one row = one rep ) – 0:30
Rest 0:30
Split squat jump (one jump = one rep ) – 0:30
Rest 0:30
Handstand pushups (scale appropriately, all use parallettes) – 0:30
Rest 0:30

Post squat numbers and met-con score to comments!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Weekly Schedule! In case you missed it

Monday – snatches
Tuesday – gymnastics/upper body
Wednesday –  cleans
Thursday – squats/deadlifts
Friday – gymnastics/upper body
Saturday – all olympic lifting (snatches, clean + jerks)

So it’s cleans today!
Foam roll – IT band/quads/adductors ~1min/side
Lax ball – glutes ~1min/side

Grapevine – 4 long court lengths, go in waves as needed
Air squat – x 15

– Weight shift
Standing tall, shift weight from toe to midfoot to heel. Slowly.

– Heel jump/hip extension
Stand on top of a bumper plate with toes hanging off edge
Power position, and jump up without letting your toes hit the ground in front (hint, drive through your heels!)
Land and rebend hips and knees

Clean work – 8×2 – 7+/10 effort – gettin’ heavy…
Spread out among carpet/court to get through sets timely
Lvl 1 – power position
Lvl 2 – above knees
Lvl 3 – ground

Finish all cleans then,

Chest to bar pull-up work – 3×10
If you can’t get chest to bar, use a band. If you can’t do 10 in a row, take a short break. 30 total reps.
If you can get 10 clean reps, weight it down.

Tabata DB swings (50/30)
Rest 1 minute
Tabata burpees

Score = highest round of DB swings + highest round of burpees

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


Just doing some pushups. No big deal.

Slow, low bear crawl – bend those arms! chest low to ground! – 2 long court lengths
Lax ball infraspinatus (right on top of the shoulder blade!) – 1min/side
postshouldermusc1Subscapularis self massage (right on the underside of your shoulder blade! Do NOT dig directly into the armpit, but right below it, about nipple level and below. If anything tingles. STOP.) – 1min/side

Infraspinatus stretch – 1min/side
Test and Retest this one. Overhead reach.
Put arm just barely behind back. Reach across and pull elbow forward. You can also level this against a wall if you can not reach your elbow. This stretch is intense and should be taken slowly. You will feel it in the back of the shoulder (where we rolled earlier) .


Skill work

Handstand positional drills ~2-3min
– down dog
– feet on box
– chest to wall handstand

Handstand balance drills ~5-7min
– crow pose
– split off wall
– legs together

Chin-up work – 6×3
Lvl 1 – Banded chin-ups
Lvl 2 – Negative work (6×1)
Lvl 3 – Beast bar
Lvl 4 – One arm assisted (use other arm to lightly help) (x3/side)

alternate with

Box Jump work – 6×5

– Whether it’s 1 inch high, or 100 meters high, time to challenge yourself a bit with box jumps!
– Tape measure is hanging up in CrossFit closet.

Strength 2
Floor presses – 5×10 – 7/10 effort
– In lieu of bench press, we are doing floor presses!
– Logistically speaking, have teammates pick up the bar for each other, or place racks extra wide (on bar ends)

alternate with

Band pull aparts – 5×10

– blue or red, chest height, pull apart

Rock, Walk, Explode
3x through – keep moving!
Hollow body rocks – 0:30
Plate pinch walk – 0:30 – (Rx=45’s/25’s)
Explosive pushups (use your plates!) – 0:30

Score = pushups – number of times you dropped your plates.