MAY 12, 2017

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WOD for Friday

This weeks skill is the HSPU.

We gave you an extra week to practice your T2B. Great job everyone! 

Today we are going over to the Hand Stand Push Up. We have two videos, strict and kipping. You can practice both or pick one you need to work on. If kicking up to the wall is hard- we focus on getting comfortable with a kick up and practice our strict HSPUs on a box or the floor. Grab a coach or friend to assist you in your kick up. 
As always; ask your coach for help or assistance and please share your progressions!

Kipping HSPU:


4 Super Sets of:

7 Back Rack Lunges *from the rack, step forward and perform 7 on the right leg and then 7 on the left leg. 

5 HSPU *strict/kipping/deficit pick one you need to practice!


5 rounds:

I go/You go 

250m row sprints + 10 T2B

Go on the T2B right after the row- no rest! Idea is to work/maintain your T2B while breathing heavy. Compare your score to 4/11.

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