CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom is located in the basement of the luxurious Fairmont Hotel,
located at the corner of 24th and M St NW.


CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom is very well equipped to allow you to complete a multitude of workouts during class. Down in the CrossFit area, we have 15, 30, and 45 lb bars, many squat racks, and stacks and stacks of bumper plates. There is absolutely no issue with dropping weight here, so come on by and let the bars fly!

We also have numerous chin-up bars with ample clearance from the wall, as well as many low and high hanging gymnastic rings. Our ceilings are nearly 25 feet high, with eight climbing ropes hanging down from them.

In addition to the bars, bumpers, and ropes, we have medicine balls ranging in weight from 12 to 30 lbs, and slam balls from 30 to 50 lbs. Our dumbbells range in weight from 10 lbs to 50 lbs, and our kettlebells range from 17 to 106 lbs.

We appreciate both gymnastics and weightlifting, so we have sets of parallettes as well as a set of jerk boxes for use.

CrossFitters also have access to the separate open gym section during normal gym hours (6am-10pm weekdays, 8am-8pm weekends). Here we have three squat racks, a lifting platform, a men’s and women’s needle-bearing bar, competition bumper plates in pounds and kilos, a glute ham raise, a reverse hyper, chin-up bars, ring, and dumbbells up to 125 lbs, among many more pieces of equipment. We also have several ergometers (rowers) that are utilized in and out of class.

Another section above this is equipped with numerous pieces of cardio equipment and weight machines. CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom is also fortunate to have a 15M salt water pool, as well as a hot tub for recovery, a steam room, and a dry sauna.

We often run outside for class and have numerous grassy fields just one block away in which to train.


Members of CrossFit Balance: Foggy Bottom have access to free day lockers within our facility, as well as have free access to a number of general classes that our gym offers – such as spin and yoga. They are also free to visit our other  locations (Balance Gym Thomas Circle,  Balance Gym Glover Park and CrossFit Balance Glover Park, and Balance Gym Capitol Hill ) for CrossFit classes or general gym access.

Each locker room has multiple luxury showers with shampoo, conditioning, and body wash included. Towels, wash clothes, and basic oiletries are also included.

Finally, we are able to offer a large menu of freshly made Paleo meals that can be ordered before your workout and ready for you when you leave the gym. The menu was designed by Fairmont Executive Chef and fellow CrossFitter, Mark Timms, and are a perfect way to end a hard training session.

Walk through the front hotel entrance and take an immediate right. There will be a spiral
staircase to your left. Walk to the bottom of the staircase and the gym entrance will be immediately to your left. Ask a hotel front desk staff if you are lost.

Phone: 202-457-5070