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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does a CrossFit Balance membership include?
A: One membership. Three locations. We offer a membership for use of three CrossFit Balance affiliates and Balance Gym Facilities starting at $179/month.  Or access to just CrossFit Balance Foggy Bottom and CrossFit Glover Park locations, plus the general gym locations starting at $159/month.

Q: Who do I contact to learn more about membership and getting started?
A: To learn more about the following contact the Director/Head Coach at the respective facility below: Danielle Dionne- CrossFit Balance Thomas Circle (
Karolin Nilsson – CrossFit Balance Foggy Bottom (
Emily Baskin- CrossFit Balance Glover Park (

Q: Free membership consultation!?
A: If you are interested in meeting with a Director to schedule a free consultation contact above at your most convenient location above to:

  • Tour our CrossFit Balance affiliate and adjacent Balance Gym facility
  • Discuss our programming and classes
  • Discuss your goals
  • Learn more about membership options and foundations

Q: Free class! When can I try out a class?
A: We offer a free introductory class at specified times at each of our locations. This is a great opportunity to meet a CrossFit coach, learn more about our workouts, and experience a CrossFit workout scaled to your ability. If you have been CrossFitting elsewhere please contact a Director if you are interested in joining a regular group WOD.

Q: What are my membership options?
A: We offer a monthly, 4 Month, 6 Month, and an Annual Membership option. This includes use of all Balance Gym facilities and classes, CrossFit specialty classes, and all amenities including our salt water pool at Balance Gym Foggy Bottom. There is NO ENROLLMENT. This also includes a Foundation Course, which is required before entering our regular programmed WODs. Our monthly rate starts at $159 for CrossFit Balance Foggy Bottom and CrossFit Balance Glover Park — and $179 to include access to CrossFit Balance Thomas Circle.

Q: What distinguishes a CrossFit Balance membership from a regular Gym membership?
A: You are investing in a membership including coaching, programming, and a community! This is a lot more economically feasible than personal training and an opportunity to connect with others, have accountability, and hit your fitness goals.

Q: Can I opt out of Foundations if I completed this at another affiliate?
A: Please contact the Director to discuss more as we do this on a case-by-case basis. We recommend taking advantage of the course!

Q: What is the Foundations Course?
A: This is a three-hour course held on Saturdays. The class is a small group capped at 10 pre-registered participants. During the course, we introduce key principles of movement in CrossFit including the set-up, progressions, techniques, and mechanics of CrossFit 9 basic foundational movements. Our objective is to teach you more about the methodology, assess your ability, and familiarize yourself with the movements and progressions. Doing this in a small, dedicated group is effective!

Q: What other options do I have if I cannot make the course?
A: We offer three one-on-one sessions for an additional cost. We can schedule these at your convenience with a CrossFit coach. Contact the CrossFit Director above.

Q: Do you have “Open Gym”/Can I use the space to train outside classes?
A: This varies based on the location. Please contact the Director for more details. Each affiliate is adjacent (or part of) to Balance Gym facilities and have designated space outside of classes including use of platforms, bumper plates, and other functional training equipment to use for your CrossFit workouts.

Q: Where are the workouts posted?
A: Each affiliate has a blog on the website where workouts are posted the evening before. Also, each affiliate has a Facebook Page which we encourage members to post and keep up with regarding our community events.

Q: Should I pre-register for classes?
A: All classes at our locations are capped depending on the affiliate and therefore, we recommend pre-registering for class to guarantee a spot. We require everyone to check in prior to class regardless of pre-registering.

Q: What is the class structure?
A: We have a different Director/Head Coach at each affiliate and do not collaborate on programming. Therefore, although you can take advantage of working out at each location, we do not collaborate on program design. Our classes are similar in design and include:

  • One hour class Generalized warm-up/specific warm-up (movement prep) which may include a focus on mobility work or dynamic movements
  • Skill review
  • Workout of the Day (WOD)
  • We encourage those to cool down after class and stretch/mobilize

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