Week of Workouts for 11/06

CFE workouts for this week (11.06.2016):

Workout 1 –

Run (or row) 2 Miles for Time
Every Minute on the Minute Perform 6 Burpees

* This should take you somewhere between about 17 – 25 Minutes to complete. You can start by running the first full minute and then at minute 1 stop and do 6 burpees, then continue running for the remainder of the minute. Repeat until you complete 2 miles. If it takes you more than about 15 seconds to do 6 burpees, then scale the burpees from the start of the workout.

Workout 2 –

Perform 2 rounds of the following:
50 situps
800 meter run (or 1000 meter row)
Rest 2 Minutes
800 meter run (or 1000 meter row)
-Rest 5 Minutes b/w Rounds-

*The goal here is to maintain consistency on the runs/rows. The situps should be done as fast as possible. Then do the first run/row in each set immediately after finishing the situps. On the second 800/1000, you should go hard and record your time. Try to match (or beat) that time the second time through.

Workout 3 (Everyone can do the following) –

15 minutes easy running or rowing as a warmup
-Prepare/Rest as needed-
15 Minute AMRAP:
25 Heavy KB Swings (70/54)
400 Meter run (or 500 meter row)
-Rest/Recover as needed-
5 minutes easy running or rowing to cool down

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