Congrats to Brandon in his 9th place finish in the 200 miler over this past weekend!


Workout 1:
Repeat 3x:
30 burpees
15 squat jumps
4 min rest

Workout 2:
Find a good steep hill (approx 200 meters)
4x sprint up starting halfway up hill
3x sprint starting from bottom of hill
2x sprint starting from halfway
2x sprint starting from bottom

walk/easy jog to bottom for recovery on each set

Workout 3
Option 1(best if training for a race,
Run 5k @80% of race pace. Rest 15-20 min then repeat with the goal of a negative split. After the second rest period, run 1 mile at max effort

Option 2:
6 rounds max effort of
30 jumping lunges each leg
400m run
90 seconds rest

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